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As an auditing company, PBK specialises in the proportional application of regulatory requirements. Through intensive collaboration with the Auditing Association of German Banks, we are familiar with the conditions of institutions of all sizes. With a large proportion of accountants, we can offer every client expert and individual solutions.


Risk Management

Basel Committee proposes amendments to rules on haircut floors for securities financing transactions


The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision published today for consultation two technical amendments to the standard on minimum haircut floors for securities financing transactions (SFTs). The technical amendments seek to address an interpretative issue relating to collateral upgrade transactions and correct for a misstatement of the formula used to calculate haircut floors for netting sets of STFs. 

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IDW Bankenfachausschuss 

Auswirkungen der Coronavirus-Pandemie


Der BFA hat sich unterjährig mit den Auswirkungen der Coronavirus-Pandemie auf Kreditinstitute auseinandergesetzt und hierzu mehrere fachliche Hinweise veröffentlicht.1 Der vorliegende Hinweis umfasst als Update wesentliche Einschätzungen und Anmerkungen zur Risikovorsorge von Kreditinstituten nach HGB und nach IFRS zum Abschlussstichtag 31.12.2020.


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ESMA reminds firms of the MiFID II rules on reverse solicitation


The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s securities markets regulator, is issuing a Public Statement to remind firms of the MiFID II requirements on the provision of investments services to retail or professional clients by firms not established or situated in the European Union (EU).   


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