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PBK regularly accompanies financial service institutions in the field of internal audit: We perform internal audit of the IT in more than 70 institutions. In case of orders for general audit, regulatory issues (e.g. MaRisk, money laundering, disclosure and reporting) are mostly subject of the audit. We support financial service institutions frequently in the processing of findings of a special auditor pursuant to § 44 KWG. We also review the adequacy of the organisation.

The conversion from an IT-support of single business activities to a complete illustration of complex processes within IT-application systems at financial institutions could be an important factor of success, limited by comparable high risks. An IT-Audit Department, which continuously transfer with the technical development, supports a robust and efficient IT-system and takes a concise part within the risk management body – not only in relation to the IT. Together with the specialists of our affiliated company GDB Gesellschaft für Datensicherheit und IT-Beratung mbH we are the preferred partner of financial institution as a support of the IT-audit function or in the perception of the IT-Audit function.

We also offer to audit the adequacy of the internal audit organisation of the financial services institution. We examine whether the Internal Audit is quantitatively and qualitatively adequate in comparison to the scope and complexity of the business.

Of course, we also offer to fully assume the duties of the general audit  for a financial services institution. The reviews are carried out on the basis of an audit plan drawn up in a risk-oriented manner in accordance with MaRisk.


Questions regarding audit and preparation services of PBK?If you want to learn more about our audit and preparation services for financial services institutions, please contact Mr. WP StB Jürgen Koschwitz or Mr. WP StB Torsten Steinrück.



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