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PBK: Orientation and profile of services offered

PBK Prüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft für das Kreditwesen mbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft is an associated company of the Auditing Association of German Banks e.V. Because of its links with the audit association, PBK is an auditing company with special expertise in banking and financial services sector. The headquarters of PBK, which operates at the supraregional level, is in Cologne.

Extensive globalisation and the complexity of companies and their areas of business plus changes in regulatory and commercial law provisions pose particular challenges for auditing companies.


With its corporate concept and range of services, PBK has met the demanding industry expectations and reacted to market change. Due to our close relationship with the Auditing Association of German Banks we are familiar with the conditions of the financial markets and know the expectations of the BaFin from the Institutes. Due to the many years of experience of our auditors, we are in a position to offer qualified consultancy tailored the client's needs, support and high auditing performance.

The strengths of PBK lie in the following areas:

Our clients mainly benefit from a business organisation that is in compliance with regulatory standards. In this way they gain freedom of action in terms of business activities. Small and medium-sized institutions thus do not need to rely on know-how and personal resources for regulatory issues that are very costly and are barely used.



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